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This page is a tribute to one of my favorite movies. I have created a nice wav library for you to peruse. I hope you enjoy! A small note: When I was recording these sound bits I didn't know exactly how long to make them. In some cases I wanted small blurbs, in others I wanted a feel for the whole dialog. As you will see below, I recorded a couple of longer segments which capture entire conversations. For these longer files, I went back over them to put the amusing one liners into smaller separate files. If you want long files or short files, they are all in the following table. (as of now I have gone through about 66% of the film )

Thank you for all your support!

Let me know if there are any problems, comments are always welcome.

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Filename Size Description
Ah Ha Ha Christ 37KB Jack Complaining
Animals 76KB Reference to the Red Turbans
Holy Poop 42KB Excerpt from 'Animals'
Atomize 626KB Description of Lo Pan
What 7KB Excerpt from 'Atomize'
Call The Prez 167KB A great Jack quote
China is Here 584KB I don't know what this means
Come On 87KB Jack getting cut off in traffic
Crazy 54KB Jack's question for Lo Pan
Get That 28KB A surprise for Jack
Good Morning 120KB Egg's real job
Gracie Law 56KB A quote from Gracie
Haul Ass 26KB Run Away!
Its Real 276KB Jack upset as usual
Lots of Hells 237KB A little play on the word hell
Must Pay 54KB A classic line
ohh God 40KB Jack saying "ohh God"
Phone is dead 136KB Jack wants his truck and his $$$
Piss Off 56KB A great line from Davey Boy
Plugged 108KB Jack isn't a good liar
Question 43KB Jack hitting on Gracie
Reflexes1 73KB After Jack catches the bottle
Shut Up 82KB Lo Pan yelling at Jack

This next Wav file is extremely long because it is a whole scene.

The Curse 970KB Jack and Wang meet old man Lo Pan


Indeed 15KB Try some of these smaller
files which I cut out
from 'The Curse'.
Never 14KB
Not Me 43KB
Psycho ward 56KB
Seriously Wrong 204KB


Where are we 52KB Upside down sinners
Which Lo Pan 108KB A Confused Jack


All Set 129KB Ready when you are Egg
As Real As 186KB How to fight Lo Pan
Concentrate 101KB A small distraction for Jack
Cops 50KB They have better things to do
Demon Bag 140KB Terrific, sensational
Dirty Harry 51KB Make you feel like...
Dump 54KB Description of Egg's Place
Elevator 53KB It only goes down
Eye Monster 106KB Jack can't believe what he sees
Flask 136KB Egg's Flask
Hollow 50KB no description needed
Liberty 184KB A toast to the USA
Medicine 39KB Take your medicine
No More 189KB What will come out no more?
Reach for the Sky 110KB Jack playing it cool.
The Point 45KB Egg can talk too much.
Time to go 17KB Quote from Wang Chi
Trapped 428KB Follow the leader.
Try 71KB Hey, you never know.
We Made It 46KB Jack is happy to escape.
Wise Egg 243KB Differing opinions about the rain.
Whoa, good 39KB Egg likes his medicine.

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